The Rt. Rev. Nicholas Baines is Bishop-in-residence

The Rt. Rev. Nicholas (Nick) Baines, bishop of Leeds in the Church of England, will be bishop-in-residence at the School of Theology, March 3–28. Baines will spend his time studying and refreshing himself spiritually. He has been invited to attend some seminary classes and enjoy fellowship with the seminary community at worship and meals.

Baines became the first bishop of Leeds in June 2014. The Diocese of Leeds is the newest and largest diocese in the Church of England, mainly covering West Yorkshire & the Yorkshire Dales. He was previously bishop of Bradford, and before that, bishop of Croydon. He read German and French at Bradford University and, before ordination, worked for four years as a Russian linguist.

Baines has a particular expertise in communication and is known for his engagement with the media. He has 14,500 followers on Twitter and his blog attracts between 500 and 2,000 views on a good day. He is frequently asked to comment nationally on topical issues and regularly presents “Pause for Thought” on BBC Radio 2 and “Thought for the Day” on BBC Radio 4. His writing includes comment pieces for broadsheet newspapers, six popular books on Christian faith and contributions to academic journals. For nine years he chaired the Sandford St. Martin Trust which promotes excellence in religious broadcasting through the presentation of annual awards.


Baines became a member of the House of Lords, the Upper House of the UK Parliament, in 2014. He has represented the Archbishop of Canterbury at international faith conferences and for 11 years was the English co-chair of the Meissen Commission which develops relationships between the Church of England and the Protestant Church in Germany.