William Paul Young
Struggling to Find Truth
William Paul Young
Struggling to Find Truth

We Are all Sewanee

The St. Luke's community student body president, Gray Hodsdon, has a unifying message.


When he spoke recently at the “Launching of a New Year” service in All Saints’ Chapel, Gray Hodsdon, T’20, had a unifying message for members of the University community—undergraduates, seminarians, faculty, staff, and others: “We are all Sewanee.”


Helping Women Find Their Voice

Encouraging the shift to equal Church leadership.


Although the first evangelists were women, there are only a few places worldwide where women are approaching parity in ministry. One School of Theology-trained priest is working to encourage the shift toward equal Church leadership in his corner of the world—the Diocese of Buye in the Republic of Burundi in East/Central Africa.

Speaking the Truth in Love

Paul Marcuson of Williamsburg, Virginia,is this year's SUMMA Theological Debate Camp winner.


All campers and adult leaders vote anonymously at the end of SUMMA Theological Debate Camp for the youth they believe best exemplifies “speaking the truth in love,” a standard that is upheld throughout camp. The SUMMA Award winner receives a $1,000 prize, to further their education, and a trophy. This year the award went to Paul Marcuson of Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Gospel and a Rocket Stove

Bart Segu's cook stove project is his way of caring for God’s creation and seeking environmental justice.


Bartholomew Segu, T’16, travels around Tanzania with a gospel message and a ceramic insulating rocket stove design. The rocket stove is just part of his calling.

If it's Summer, it's Time for Summer Camp

Don't try to keep up with these Joneses


Summertime means summer camp, and the Jones family is packed and ready. Both Corey, T’17, and his wife, Crystal, have been coordinating camps all of their adult lives.

Delivering Art, and Coffee, to the People of God

Brandon Hudson connects people with the ancient narratives through his art.


Brandon Hudson, T'20, is an M.Div. student at the School of Theology focusing on what it takes to be formed for the priesthood while incorporate his artistic gift. His three-panel triptych, Holy Eucharist, recently included in an ECVA exhibition entitled “The Jesus Movement: Loving, Liberating, Life-giving," has been acquired by the School of Theology for its permanent collection.

Advocating for the Marginalized

How one priest is taking the stand for social justice beyond the pulpit.


Being arrested for marching for social justice has not constrained the Rev. Sara Milford, T’15, from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her collar is a constant reminder to advocate for people who are poor, oppressed, and immigrating.

The Pastor and Spiritual Formation

Who Does God Want to Be for You, Right Now?


In times of transition or “puzzlement,” parishioners depend on clergy for guidance on how to hear God’s voice through prayer. In response to that need, the Rev. Martin L Smith will be helping clergy explore the craft of spiritual direction so that skills specific to that ministry can be adopted and incorporated to regular pastoral care in this summer’s Advanced Degrees Program.

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Kling's circuitous road to the Beecken Center


One doesn’t always know what surprises God might have in store. From marketing to songwriting to theologizing, Kling brings a dynamism and flexibility to her role that should serve her and the Beecken Center well amidst the changing context of ministry in the 21st century.

A Modern, Global Missioner

Carson, T'19, defines herself as “a budding pneumatologist."


With visits to 40 countries in her resume, Carson, T'19, defines herself as “a budding pneumatologist.” She wants to explore pneumatological missiology as it presents itself across the Anglican Communion, seeking the manifestation and the presence of the Holy Spirit on a global level through the lenses of both liturgy and hospitality. “I see my ministry as multi-faceted. I have high energy and contagious enthusiasm and I’m ready to get a little bit grungy out in the field.”

Bringing Ancient Words to Life

Through cartooning, Josh Bowron has challenged the idea of traditional religious iconography.


A few years ago, the Rev. Josh Bowron, T’11, began chronicling the sacred texts of the Desert Fathers and Mothers through an unusual art form not found in many religious circles—cartoons.

From Prison to Princeton to Priest

How the call to ministry just kept coming.


This is the story of the incredible journey the Rev. Ricardo Sheppard, T’16, has taken. At nine years of age, he immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago with his Baptist minister parents to the inner-city of Brooklyn, New York. At 17, Sheppard enlisted in the Marines to get away from the church. Just like how gum sticks to a shoe, however, no matter what he did “the call” stuck.

Building Conversations on Race and Social Justice

By Cameron Nations


“If the Episcopal Church was a character from Star Wars, which character would it be?” The Rev. Marcus Halley laughs, a wide grin erupting into a glowing smile as he shakes his head in mock disapproval at my question. I wait for his answer.

Caroline Holmes' Trinitarian Doctrine of Intentional Living


For this University of the South graduate and seminarian, reduce, reuse, and recycle is just another way of describing her Trinitarian doctrine of intentional living and coexistence. 

Doing Something Good for Sewanee


A $1 million gift has provided momentum for the School of Theology’s move back to central campus.

For the Love of the Liturgy


Michael McCain, T'16, loves the liturgy of The Episcopal church and he loves being a parish priest. He is continuing in the tradition in which he was raised—praying, worshiping, and sharing in the Eucharistic feast. It is a tradition that is built to last, and Michael McCain invites you on board.

Education for Ministry—Making a Life-Long Connection


Angela and George Williamson of Brookhaven, Georgia, are deeply involved in the life of the Church in the Diocese of Atlanta. George is a trustee of the University, representing that owning diocese within the governance of the University. Furthermore, the Williamsons are among the latest donors to provide a leadership gift for the School of Theology building project and relocation.

Giving is Fundamental for the Puris


Lifelong Episcopalians, Lombard and Everett Puri attribute their philanthropic orientation to their involvement with the Church; taking a cue from the Gospel of Matthew, "where your treasure is your heart will follow." The Puris believe that giving is a fundamental part of their Christian identity. Read more.

Driven by Hope


This priest turned statesman wants Alabama to lead the change to a better world.

Maria Campbell Finds Joy in Adventure and in Giving


Campbell’s connection with Sewanee began when she was a child, when her father, an Episcopal priest in Columbus, Georgia, organized summer retreats with another family from Milledgeville.

For Love of Science and Religion


Science and religion have nurtured the Rev. Mark William Frazier’s, T'01, wonder in creation equally since he was a boy. Today, as both a scientist and a member of the clergy of The Episcopal Church, Frazier has a passionate reverence for the created world, the process of creation, and the Creator. Read more.

Would You Like Some Jesus With That Coffee?


On Wednesday evenings, an Education for Ministry (EfM) group consisting of young people, ages 26–30, will gather at The Abbey, a combination church and coffee house in the Avondale community of Birmingham.

Seminarians Take the Gospel Around the World

Four international students will expand their ministries this summer with projects that represent not only personal missions but also reflect the commitment of the School to develop mission-oriented leadership in the Anglican tradition.


Four international students from the School of Theology will be expanding their ministries this summer through grants from the Episcopal Evangelism Society. Each project represents not only a personal mission for these students but also a reflection of the commitment of the School of Theology to develop mission-oriented leadership in the Anglican tradition.

Holding Pixels and Spirit in Both Hands


A southerner by birth and now a long-time resident of New York City, EfM graduate Roz Dimon is an artist, interfaith minister, and an Episcopalian. She has begun to incorporate guns into her work and is lobbying for art instead of ammunition.