Office of the Dean of the College

The Office of the Dean of the College is responsible for administering the academic policies of the College as they relate to students and faculty. The Office supports the teaching, scholarship, and service roles of faculty, coordinates the activities of academic departments, and helps to develop and monitor the budget of the College. The Office also administers international study programs, assists faculty in the identification of grant opportunities and in the preparation of grant proposals, and works with the faculty to shape the curriculum. The Dean’s Office also has a central role in the recruitment and evaluation of faculty.

Office Staff

Terry L. Papillon
Dean of the College & Professor of Classics
Walsh-Ellett 123
Alex Bruce
Associate Dean of the College for Undergraduate Academic Affairs & Professor of English
Walsh-Ellett 117
Deborah A. McGrath
Assistant Dean of the College for the Environment & Professor of Biology
Spencer Hall 167A
Betsy Sandlin
Interim Associate Dean of the College for Faculty Development and Inclusion & Professor of Spanish
Walsh-Ellett 115
Scott Howard Wilson
Associate Dean of the College for Global Education, Professor of Politics & Chair of Asian Studies
Carnegie 106
Sandy Carr
Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College
Walsh-Ellett 122
Abby Colbert
Assistant Counsel for Global Affairs & Visiting Instructor of Politics
Carnegie 105
Andrea Del Balso
International Student Services Advisor
Carnegie 108
Kristen R. Kleinfeld
Assistant for Finance and Administration & Institutional Review Board Compliance Officer
Walsh-Ellett 116
Donna Jo Parker
Administrative Assistant
Walsh-Ellett 124
Shawnee Scissom
Office Program Specialist for the Office of Global Education
Carnegie 110