“The Politics of Grammar” discussion with Stephanie Batkie

big book of language - standard english

Monday, April 15th, 2019

The teaching of ’Standard English’ has long been a method of establishing and consolidating cultural power in and out of the classroom. Historically, the ‘rules’ of English were codified by a specific group of people; today, ‘correct’ grammar is still a matter of socio-economic influence and control.

What does this troubled history do for our understanding of how to approach grammar instruction with our students today? How do we think about the experience of dialect-speakers, and what does it mean to take a more socio-linguistic approach?

This conversation will engage these questions and will offer the chance to see our current pedagogical moment as part of a much longer political and social history. Snacks provided; please let us know you’re planning to attend HERE.

“The Politics of Grammar” discussion with Stephanie Batkie is Co-sponsored by the CFT and Writing across the Curriculum.