Teach & Tell: Difficult Dialogues and "Touchy Subjects."

kati curts

Thursday, April 11th

Hosted by Prof. Kati Curts (Religious Studies): Difficult Dialogues and "Touchy Subjects." This teach & tell draws upon and extends ongoing conversations at the CFT about taking up difficult topics in the classroom.

Kati will introduce you to a specific classroom technique developed, in part, in connection with last summer's course (re)design experience.

We will discuss one way to simultaneously set up a student-led dialogue on a "touchy subject," while also involving students in the difficult but rewarding work of observing, assessing, and reflecting upon what a substantive and respectful dialogue looks like, ultimately helping them refine their own conversational practices through a mixture of fishbowl techniques, dialogue mapping, and self- and peer evaluations.

We will discuss some lessons learned when implementing this technique in the classroom last semester, including both its benefits and challenges.

Participants are also invited to help consider together related classroom strategies and assignments that likewise aim to facilitate substantive dialogue among students on difficult subjects.

Lunch provided; please sign up HERE.