“Making Room for ‘Messy’ Writing” with Stephanie Batkie

Messy Writing

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
12:00pm-1:00 pm 

We often think of writing as something that comes at the end of a student’s thinking process, or as the end-product of mastering an area of knowledge. In this discussion, we will think about ways to challenge this assumption.

Making space for writing that is deliberately unfinished, messy, or in-progress allows students to experiment with writing as part of their thinking process. No longer a performance of competency, these assignments rather look to help student discover what they think and use that discovery to produce more engaged arguments.

We will talk about how to use ‘messy writing’ in the classroom, how to assess it, and how to talk to students about its value. Lunch provided; please sign up HERE.

“Making Room for ‘Messy’ Writing” with Stephanie Batkie is Co-sponsored by the CFT and Writing across the Curriculum.