Strengths Finder Session

StrengthsFinder session Tuesday, March 22 @12:30  (please email Betsy by MARCH 14 if you’d like to attend)

Becoming aware of and leveraging your strengths can have a powerful impact in your life as you identify, develop, and apply your talents. In 2001, Gallup research developed an assessment, StrengthsFinder, to help individuals discover and use their natural talents. Students across our campus are using StrengthsFinder (also known as StrengthsQuest) to help them discover their natural talents and apply them to their personal lives, academic pursuits, and career development. The Center for Teaching and Career & Leadership Development are excited to offer StrengthsFinder to Sewanee faculty. Faculty are invited to participate in an introduction facilitated by Elizabeth Wilson of Career & Leadership Development.  During this one-hour session, you will learn about using StrengthsFinder for your own personal and professional growth. StrengthsFinder is provided at no cost for current students, and the Center for Teaching is offering it to faculty for FREE for all who attend the workshop (each assessment normally costs $10.) 

Why take this StrengthsFinder assessment?  (provided by Elizabeth Wilson; excerpt from

After you take the Strengthsfinder assessment online, here’s what you can expect:

1. A list of the top 5 ways you stand out in the form of an easy to read, customized report with a description of your top five Strengths.

2. Ideas for Action: A tailor-made step-by-step guide on how to appreciate, maximize, and take action today that will dramatically increase your engagement and satisfaction in your work immediately.

3. A huge boost in confidence and clarity that comes from a greater appreciation of how valuable you are.

4. A new vocabulary to describe what you do best, and how to articulate the value you bring to your work and life. You can use this vocabulary instantly in your work as you communicate with others about your projects, goals, expectations, and as you advocate for your value, ask for a raise and promotion. 

5. A new appreciation for attributes that you have previously undervalued in yourself. Strengths are often the traits that come quite naturally to you, not everyone is as good at certain things as you are, particularly because of the unique combination of Strengths you possess.

6. Improved people skills, including more patience and appreciation for the people you work with. By knowing your Strengths better, you can identify and appreciate others’. This is a critical workplace asset that can change how you interact with everyone today. You may find that some of the idiosyncrasies that annoy you in others actually represent their Strengths; theirs are different than yours.


****PLEASE NOTE: We will have (optional) Session 2: Using Strengths in Advising & Teaching (for faculty): Tuesday, April 26  12:30-1:30pm****