Sewanee tuition will not increase next fall

breslin tower

Sewanee has announced that there will be no increase in tuition, room and board for the college class entering the university next fall (2018). The tuition these students will pay will be the same next year as it was for this year’s entering class.

The tuition freeze continues the university’s series of efforts over the last six years to make a Sewanee education as affordable and accessible as possible.

Last year, Sewanee invested more than $30 million of institutional resources in academic scholarships, need-based grants, tuition remissions, and institutional employment opportunities for undergraduate students. Almost 83 percent of undergraduates received institutional, federal, or state gift funding in 2016-2017. This generous financial aid represents another piece of the university’s strong commitment to keeping the cost of a top-quality college education accessible for qualified students.

The College Board has reported that published tuition at private four-year colleges has increased at an average rate of 2.4 percent per year beyond inflation over the last decade.