Faculty tenure and promotions announced

At its June meeting, the Board of Regents formally approved promotion and tenure decisions for four faculty members.

Three newly tenured faculty members—Elise Kikis (Biology), Jordan Troisi (Psychology), and Jessica Wohl (Art)—now hold the title of associate professor, effective July 1. Andrea Hatcher (Politics) has been promoted to full professor, and now holds the title of professor of politics. Congratulations to all four.

Elise A. Kikis (Department of Biology)
Awarded tenure and promotion to associate professor

Elise Kikis came to Sewanee in 2012, and teaches courses in cell biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. The research in her laboratory focuses on understanding the underlying toxicity of human polyglutamine-containing proteins that are associated with numerous neurodegenerative diseases. The most well-studied of the polyglutamine diseases is Huntington’s Disease, whose genetic determinant is an expansion of a CAG triplet repeat in the gene encoding the Huntington protein. At Sewanee, Kikis has received the Kennedy Endowed Faculty Fellowship and a McCrickard Faculty Development Grant. She is also the recipient of the NIH F32 National Research Service Award Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Jordan D. Troisi (Department of Psychology)
Awarded tenure and promotion to associate professor

Jordan Troisi arrived at Sewanee in 2014. He teaches courses on social psychology, positive psychology, research methods, and self-concept and self-esteem. His research focuses on two central areas: humans’ fundamental need for belongingness and the ways in which this motivates behavior, and teaching and learning practices in college education. In 2014 he received the Early Career Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association, and he currently directs the Annual Conference on Teaching for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Troisi is also co-director of the Center for Teaching at Sewanee.

Jessica Wohl (Department of Art)
Awarded tenure and promotion to associate professor

Jessica Wohl has taught drawing, painting, and seminar courses at Sewanee since 2010. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is collected by the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, corporate collections, and numerous private collectors. Particularly drawn to the home and its residents, she responds to found remnants of domestic culture to subvert representations of perfection and happiness. In a climate of foreclosed homes, abandoned neighborhoods, broken families, and forgotten dreams, her work explores the implications of relationships, policies, and domestic artifacts on the “American Dream.” Wohl is director of advising at Sewanee.

Andrea C. Hatcher (Department of Politics)
Awarded promotion to full professor

Andrea Hatcher came to Sewanee in 2005. Her research and teaching interests focus on American political institutions. As well as survey courses in American government and politics, she offers courses on the Presidency, Legislative Process, Constitutional Law, Religion and American Politics. She is the author of two books: Majority Leadership in the U.S. Senate: Balancing Constraints and Political and Religious Identities of British Evangelicals. At Sewanee she is chair of the Politics Department, director of the Pre-Law Program, and faculty advisor to Sewanee’s delegation to the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature as well as a legal team that competes in the annual Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge

Tenure-track faculty generally are reviewed in the second and fourth years of employment and submit a dossier of materials in their sixth year. A department or program committee first evaluates the faculty member, and the Promotion and Tenure Committee then reviews the candidate’s material and makes a recommendation to the dean of the college. The provost and vice-chancellor also review the recommendations before formal approval by the Board.