EQB Monument dedicated at Sesquicentennial Park

As part of the University’s celebration of Foundation Day, a ceremony was held on Sunday morning of Family Weekend to dedicate the EQB Monument at Sesquicentennial Park. This year, the University celebrates the 150th anniversary of welcoming its first nine students in September 1868.

Vice President for University Relations Jay Fisher, C'79, welcomed guests to the dedication and introduced Joe DeLozier, C’77, P’16, chair of the Board of Regents. In his remarks, DeLozier praised the new monument as a look at where Sewanee has been, where it is, and where it is headed—a university grounded in the ideals characterized by EQB, or in his paraphrase, “Behold how good it is when folks get along.”

Continuing the theme, Vice-Chancellor John McCardell recognized the occasion as one to both “remember our past and, like those who have preceded us, face resolutely toward the future.” He noted that initial meetings of the Board of Trustees were marked by debate on a variety of topics, but that in those early days the Board did adopt a motto that has stood the test of time.

As a guiding principle, EQB—Ecce Quam Bonum—transcends history’s examples of human imperfection, and “looks above and beyond the things that vex us in our own time,” McCardell said. The monument proclaims our recommitment to the words of Psalm 133, “Behold How Good.” Behold how good and pleasant it is when kindred dwell together in unity.

McCardell concluded with the closing lines of Stephen Vincent Benet’s epic poem “John Brown’s Body.” He and DeLozier unveiled the front of the monument with its EQB inscription and the dates 1868 and 2018.

The University choir sang Psalm 133 and the alma mater, and University Chaplain Tom Macfie offered a prayer of dedication. A bagpiper then led the choir and many of those attending down University Avenue to All Saints’ Chapel for a final prayer. Several other guests remained to take a closer look at the monument and to read the University history plaque installed on the other side.