1,682 years of service to the University recognized

University employees gathered on March 28 to recognize the contributions and service of their colleagues at the annual employee recognition luncheon in Cravens Hall. In total, almost 1,700 years of service were celebrated.

35 Years

  • Eric Benjamin, Minority Affairs
  • Wayne Caldwell, Grounds
  • Howard Lankford, Law Enforcement

30 Years

  • Renee Blair, University Advancement
  • Kay Brown, Office of Dean of Students
  • Beth Cragar, Financial Aid Office
  • Betsy Grant, duPont Operations
  • Conchie Shackelford, Athletic Administrative
  • John Shackelford, Athletic Administrative

25 Years

  • Barbara Banks, Bishop’s Common Administration
  • Jeff Heitzenrater, Athletic Administrative
  • Richard McBee, Building Maintenance
  • Dixon Myers, Office of Civic Engagement
  • Mark Preslar, Russian
  • Susan Reed, Custodial Services
  • Dolores Snowden, Admission
  • John Willis, History

20 Years

  • Cindy Greer, Treasurer’s Office
  • Eric Hartman, Executive Offices
  • David Haskell, Biology
  • Angela Jordan, Spanish
  • Donnie McBee, Forest Management
  • Sherrie McBee, Athletic Administrative
  • Cathy Sherrill, Print Services
  • Sandy Smart, Reprod., Mailing, & Gen. Support
  • Mae Wallace, Education
  • Karen Yu, Psychology

15 Years

  • Rob Bachman, Chemistry
  • John Benson, Outing Administration
  • Hoss Craft, Psychology
  • Virginia Craighill, English
  • Doug Drinen, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Odis Ellison, duPont Operations
  • Terry Evenson, Sewanee Dining
  • Rob Pierce, Enterprise Systems
  • Emily Puckette, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Rich Summers, Office of the Dean of the College

10 Years

  • Jeremy Blalock, Golf Course
  • Bill Brosend, M.Div. Instruction
  • Melissa Burnette, Plant Administration
  • Sandy Carr, Office of the Dean of the College
  • Sandra Davis, Child Care Center
  • Michele Dombrowski, Athletic Administrative
  • Martha Eldridge, Sewanee Dining
  • Maria Emory, Admissions
  • Sue Garner, Custodial Services
  • Denise Gipson, Custodial Services
  • Michael Gipson, Grounds
  • Sarah Gore, Plant Administration
  • Abby Hoosier, Custodial Services
  • Tom Macfie, Chaplain’s Office
  • Janice Ogelvie, Athletic Administrative
  • Natalie Parson, Admissions
  • Marc St-Pierre, Economics
  • Helen Stapleton, Language Lab
  • Tammy Terrill, Sewanee Dining
  • Karen Tharp, Wellness Center
  • Marty Watters, Athletic Administrative
  • Tabatha Whitsett, Executive Offices
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Career Services

5 years

  • Doris Anderson, Sewanee Dining
  • Elsa Bakkum, EfM Domestic
  • Daniel Carter, Environmental Studies
  • Melody Crowder-Meyer, Political Science
  • Clayton Felts, Athletic Administrative
  • Lasenia Ladd, Custodial Services
  • Gary Lappin, Forest Management
  • Adam Latham, Sewanee Writers’ Conference
  • Shawna Laurendine, Athletic Administrative
  • Wendy Luzadder, Law Enforcement
  • Carol McBee, Custodial Services
  • Chris McBee, Building Maintenance
  • Brittany May, Child Care Center
  • Douglas Nunley, Building Maintenance
  • Parker Oliver, Marketing and Communications
  • Bradley Pierson, Athletic Administrative
  • Tabitha Rankin, Child Care Center
  • Haynes Roberts, Major Gifts
  • Megan Roberts, Sewanee Writers’ Conference
  • Sara Roberts, Admissions
  • Sarah Sherwood, Environmental Studies
  • Justin Smith, Equestrian Center
  • John Swallow, Executive Offices
  • James Tate, Custodial Services
  • Chris Van de Ven, Office of the Dean of the College
  • Karen White, Custodial Services
  • Kammy Young, M.Div. Instruction

Staff Development Achievements

  • Gwen Gentry, Bachelor of Science/Business, University of Phoenix
  • Brenda Gobillot, Bachelor of Organizational Leadership and Communication/Psychology, Marist College


  • George Core, 43 years, Sewanee Review
  • Fred Croom, 45 years, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Robbe Delcamp, 38 years, Music
  • Jim Dunkly, 23 years, duPont Library
  • Larry Jones, 39 years, Biology
  • David Landon, 42 years, Theatre Arts
  • Bunny Morgan, 9 years, Residential Life
  • Marvin Pate, 22 years, Sustainability
  • Charles Perry, 42 years, History
  • John Reishman, 47 years, English
  • Jeannie Robinson, 14 years, Residential Life
  • Susan Rupert, 38 years, Music
  • Jerry Smith, 47 years, Religious Studies
  • Alice Spraggins, 28 years, Chen Hall 

In Memoriam

James Clayton   Sarah Mcgregor
Teresa Darvin Jean Raulston
Blake Fowler Houston Roberson
Duncan Gray Mary Sears
John Hamer Anne Smith
Parker Henley  Charles Yates
James Lowe Claudia Yates