Strengths Finder Session

Becoming aware of and leveraging your strengths can have a powerful impact in your life as you identify, develop, and apply your talents. In 2001, Gallup research developed an assessment, StrengthsFinder, to help individuals discover and use their natural talents. Students across our campus are using StrengthsFinder (also known as StrengthsQuest) to help them discover their natural talents and apply them to their personal lives, academic pursuits, and career development.

Renowned ragtime pianist and "four-track mind" Bob Milne to visit campus

Renowned ragtime pianist Bob Milne will be on the Sewanee campus Feb. 12-15. Milne, one of the best ragtime piano players in the world, is an amazing musician who can play multiple complex rhythms simultaneously while carrying on a conversation, lecturing on ragtime music, and cracking jokes. The community is invited to two public events showcasing Milne’s talent.
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