Dr. Apgar at TFLTA Conference

At the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association meeting in Franklin, Professor Richard Apgar participated in a panel with colleagues from the University of Memphis, Belmont University, Austin Peay State University, and the University of Tennessee about articulation between language study at high school and college. He addressed the ways language courses differ at the college level and how teachers can help students successfully build on their successes in high school. Other panelists spoke about placement, proficiency-oriented instruction, and training the next generation of language teachers. Later that weekend, Dr. Apgar was elected president of the Tennessee Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German, a role he will fill for a two-year term.

Dr. Ramsey Presents Work at TFLTA

Laurie Ramsey attended and presented at the Annual Conference of the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association. Her session was entitled "Victor Schoelcher: Abolition and the Martinique-Alsace Connection." Building upon a project linked to her current FREN 350 course, "Crossroads of Europe: Strasbourg and its Region", she reported on her summer research into the life and work of Victor Schoelcher, the great French abolitionist, whose father came from Fessenheim in Alsace.

Dr. Bradford Hooker, Philosophy Professor, to lecture on 2008 Financial Crisis

Dr. Bradford Hooker is a British-American philosopher specializing in moral philosophy at the University of Reading, U.K. He is best known for his work defending rule-consequentialism. Dr. Hooker is the author of numerous papers in ethics and the book, Ideal Code, Ideal World. His lecture at the Gailor Auditorium on November 7, 2019 titled "The Ethical Origins of the 2008 Financial Crisis" is sponsored by the Babson Center for Global Commerce and the Philosophy Department.

Dr. Rung & Dr. Preslar Attend Conference of the Society for Utopian Studies

Dr. Rung & Dr. Preslar attended the 43rd Annual Conference of the Society for Utopian Studies, entitled "Disruption, Displacement, and Disorder" November 1-3 in Berkeley, California. Dr. Rung presented a paper called "Starships as Dandelion Seeds: Anti-Utopianism in Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora." Dr. Preslar's paper was called "Knowledge is Power: Technology as Catalyst in Revolution and Worldview Transformation." The author Dr. Rung presented on, Kim Stanley Robinson, actually attended his session.

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