Sewanee Students Studying in Madrid

Every spring, Sewanee students to study in Madrid.  They get to experience the culture first-hand by living with a host family and taking outings to museums, concerts, etc. They travel throughout Spain, Europe, and Morocco to get a full sense of the reciprocal influences between Spain and the European Union and Spain and the Moorish empire.  This year, a close-knit group of three are there. Scroll down to see all to their adventures.

The fountain of the Río Turia (the man) and the 7 Acequias  (irrigation canals, the women), this is la Plaza de la Virgen.
February 1st was Carlos's birthday, and he got a cake in class.
On February 21, the students started the trip to Andalucía and Morocco.  For the Andalucía part of the trip, Sewanee students were together with Manhattan College Students.

The first cultural stop is the Corral de Comedias de Almagro, a 16th Century reconstruction of a public theater. 


Students in La Mezquita de Córdoba with Prof. Momplet.
First day in Morocco: Meknes, at the gates to the palace.

On February 26, the students visited the old city of Fez (la Medina), which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Learning to make pottery in Fez

The day ends with a dinner and a folkloric show in which the public participates, including one of Sewanee's own students.