Neuroscience is the scientific study of the cellular, functional, and clinical aspects of the nervous system. A minor in Neuroscience enables students to critically examine the biological basis of behavior, cognition, and other brain functions. The Sewanee Neuroscience Program prepares students for graduate study in one of the several branches of neuroscience (e.g., affective, behavioral, cognitive, molecular, neurobiology) or related fields, and is also a good preparation for students planning to pursue a career in medicine and related disciplines. 

Sewanee students have the opportunity to study the brain and nervous system through a truly interdisciplinary approach. Students are required to take courses in both Psychology and Biology, and are highly encouraged to explore related courses within Chemistry, Computer Science, and Philosophy. 

The Sewanee Neuroscience Program also fosters student growth through research, community engagement, close interactions with faculty, and networking opportunities through attendance at local and national professional meetings. Please visit faculty webpages to find out more about the exciting neuroscience research happening here at Sewanee. Feel free to contact Dr. Brandy Tiernan, program chair, for more information. 

Alumni, students, parents, and friends can make gifts to the Neuroscience program, helping to maintain its research and education efforts. Thank you for supporting the Neuroscience program!

It's cool to be NEURDY!