Faculty & Staff

Stephanie Batkie

Associate Teaching Professor of English, Director of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program
Gailor 120

Alex Bruce

Visiting Associate Professor of English and Associate Dean of the College for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Walsh-Ellett 117 / ext. 1919

Greg Clark

Professor of Art History
Carnegie 310 / ext. 1344

Christopher H. Conn

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Carnegie 203A / ext. 1832

William E. Engel

Nick B. Williams Professor of English
Gailor Hall 135 / ext. 1361

Aymeric Glacet

Professor of French and French Studies and Chair of the Department
Gailor Hall 213 / ext. 1524

Harold Joel Goldberg

Professor of History
Walsh-Ellett 301 / ext. 1566

Matthew W. Irvin

Associate Professor of English
Gailor Hall 21 / ext. 3366

James R. Peters

Professor of Philosophy, Coordinator of Environmental Arts and Humanities
Carnegie 201A / ext. 1581

Stephen B. Raulston

Professor of Spanish, Chair of the Spanish Department
Gailor Hall 236 / ext. 1526

Susan J. Ridyard

Professor of History, Chair of Medieval Studies
Walsh-Ellett 303 / ext. 1531