Minor in German and German Studies

The minor in German and German Studies provides students an opportunity to increase proficiency in German, while engaging the culture of German-speaking countries. It serves as a complement to a range of academic fields, such as economics, English, geology /forestry, history, politics, religion or the sciences. The minor consists of five courses at the 300 level and above, including GRMN 321 and 322. Up to two German Studies courses taught in English may count towards the Minor. Courses in the minor may be completed during a period of study abroad. No comprehensive exam is required.

  Advent Semester Easter Semester
First Year 103 104
Second Year 203 321 or 322
Third Year 321 or 322 1 course: 3XX-4XX (300-349; 403-499)
Fourth Year 1 course: 3XX-4XX (300-349; 403-499)  1 course: 3XX-4XX (300-349; 403-499)