Sewanee Students Inducted into German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha

Delta Phi Alpha Crest

On April 21, 2013 Dr. James C. Davidheiser, National President-Elect of Delta Phi Alpha and Chapter Advisor at Sewanee, and together with Dr. Reinhard Zachau, initiated 10 new student members into Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honor Society: Lewis Affronti, Seth Austin, Arianna Burkhardt, Julia Galliher, Amanda Lopez, Rebecca Manseau, Richard Percy, David Prichard, Kathleen Richter and Jacob Walker. Students with high grades in German, a high GPA and an abiding interest in the study of the German language and culture are eligible to join as of their fourth semester of university study and their presence in an advanced German course. The members received a certificate of membership, a booklet on the Society and an honor cord in black, red and gold, the colors of the German flag. The formal ceremony finished with refreshments in the dining room of the German House on University Avenue.

German Students Inducted into Honorary Society

New and previous members of Delta Phi Alpha gather in front of the German House.

German Honor Society

Drs. Davidheiser and Zachau initiate Richard Percy and other new members into Delta Phi Alpha, National German Honor Society.

Students inducted into German Honor Society

Eight of the ten new members of Delta Phi Alpha, National German Honor Society, April 21, 2013