Reinhard Zachau's Comments on German Politics in "The Democrat"

Dr. Reinhard was interviewed about the recent German elections for the Portuguese political site, The Democrat. Below is a translation of the article from the original Portuguese.

Germany. Martin Schulz holds SPD lead

The outcome of the parliamentary elections makes the process of choosing the coalition partner more complicated for Angela Merkel. The options are two parties, since Martin Schulz rejected any coalition with the winner of the election. Sewanee University professor Reinhard Zachau understands that “SPD voters did not recognize the party’s contribution during the coalition with the CDU.”

The political fate of the former president of the European Parliament depends on the choice to make in the coming days. Martin Schulz can still go back on his word and join the CDU or stay in the Bundestag as the opposition leader. The first option entails continuing as party leader, while the latter entails leadership problems. The difficulties in building a coalition between three parties by the chancellor, makes possible “the return of the SPD to the government”. However, if Schulz opts for the parliament, Reinhard Zachau believes that “he will be a good leader of the opposition”.