Dr. Zachau Launches New Textbook

Cineplex Thumbnail cover

Dr. Reinhard Zachau attended the launching of his newest book Cineplex at the 2013 ACTFL’s exhibitor fair in Orlando, America’s largest convention for foreign language educators. Cineplex is a groundbreaking second-year German textbook with feature-length German films on prominent cultural-historical topics. The event featured the three Cineplex authors Zachau, Jeanne Schueller of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez of Longwood University and their editor Allen Cooper of Focus Publishing. Along with the 440-page student text Cineplex offers a student workbook, a teacher manual and a wealth of Internet-based activities.

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Cineplex is the first intermediate German program that focuses on feature-length German films! Cineplex presents a communicative, German-language program that integrates full-length films and clips with cultural information geared toward American undergraduate college or high school students at the intermediate level.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Contemporary and attractive films appeal to students.

  • Using film as input exposes learners to language in authentic cultural contexts and prepares students for real-life situations.

  • Through a wide range of film topics and settings, students see themselves as part of a larger historical and cultural context.

  • Short film clips including transcripts make feature-length films even more accessible.

  • A structured yet flexible organization of materials provides instructors with maximum adaptability.

  • Activities promote interaction with authentic materials in meaningful and purposeful ways in a variety of modes.

  • Exercises are mindful of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and National Standards for Language Learning.

  • Contextualized exercises and clear explanations assist learners in solidifying their command of grammatical structures.

  • Students engage with authentic reading texts from multiple genres with activities designed to improve reading comprehension and use of appropriate strategies.

  • Chapters incorporating still shots, images, charts, and cultural, historical, and linguistic information make learning fun and interesting!