Dr. Davidheiser spends his Sabbatical Year in Bamberg, Germany

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"It is amazing how pervasive fairy tales are in German culture. They or figures from them appear in signs, parks, on stage, in gardens, on TV, etc. People often quote fairy tales. There is even a Märchen Road which features many places associated with fairy tales and the lives of the Brothers Grimm who made substantial contributions to German language and literature. Writing about fairy tales has been a wonderful way to steep oneself in German culture. I look forward to teaching more about them in Sewanee." Dr. Davidheiser will be offering a course on fairy tales in English in the fall and in German in the spring. While in Gemany he also met Sewanee students abroad and with people who help foster the exchanges Sewanee has both with Bamberg and the Federation of German-American Clubs so that Sewanee students might have attractive opportunities to study in Germany.