Deadline to sign up for Summer in Berlin is February 1st

Brandenburg Gate

The “Summer in Berlin” program consist of a three-week language course at the DiD German language institute in Berlin where students take language classes along with other international students. The DiD institute places Sewanee students into courses according to their languages skills, which are determined through a placement test. Students are placed in homes with German host families. While DiD will provide instruction for the language classes, the accompanying Sewanee faculty member is responsible for cultural instruction and area excursions. DiD provides sixty classes of forty-five minutes for the three-week period.  Students will receive graded DiD certificates, which will be counted as one course  (four credits). The afternoon programs offered by the Sewanee faculty member are part of the course and introduce them to the cultural space of Berlin. The walks are focused on literature about Berlin’s neighborhoods. DiD provides additional excursions, among them walking tours through Berlin’s alternative culture, and excursions to Potsdam, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage monument. Berlin also offers a large number of concerts and theater performances, among them the famous Brecht theater “Berlin Ensemble” which will give students first-hand access to Germany’s theater scene.