Amy Theresa Metzger

Amy Metzger is currently in her third year of medical school at Washington University in St. Louis. Her photographs of Berlin architecture have been displayed at several galleries, including at Stirlings in Sewanee . In 2008, she completed a research project at the Charité Institute for the History of Medicine in Berlin.

Photographer Amy Metzger explores the visible traces of 20th-century German history in the city's architectural landscape in photographs of some of Berlin’s most important buildings. The buildings Metzger has photographed act as witnesses to history and reveal the vision and ideals of the political systems under which they were built. Accompanying the photographs are texts that describe the historical and architectural significance of each building. In 2009, she had a photography exhibit entitled, “A Reflection of National History: Photos of Berlin Architecture by Amy Metzger” at Sheldon Galleries in St. Louis.

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