‌Students who decide to take German are exposed to an experience that focuses on performance and communication.  The German Department offers many exciting opportunities for learning German.

To give students access to outstanding works of German literature, the department offers an extensive number of literature courses with discussions in the original language. Cultural proficiency is achieved in a number of courses that familiarize students with the German-speaking world, examine its historical and political background and offer the skills necessary to survive abroad.

Students can apply for Deutsch in Deutschland language courses in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt that are supported by a generous grant through the Jackson-Cross scholarship program.  We have recently introduced the Summer in Berlin program in conjunction with DiD. Semester- and year-long study abroad opportunities exist through the Federation of German-American Clubs and with Sewanee's partner university in Germany, the Otto-Friedrich-Universität in Bamberg. At the end of each semester and with the comprehensive examination students' language proficiency is assessedregularly according to national standards.