Prof. Macfie's Shakespeare Class Interprets the "Weird Sisters"

weird sisters1

Professor Pamela Macfie's Shakespeare II class recently showcased interpretations of the "Weird Sisters" in Macbeth through a collaborative reimagining of the characters in different contexts.

In this group assignment, students were tasked with costuming the sisters in garb which reflected their interpretation of this iconic Sheakpearen trio. Each student group was then tasked with justifying their costume and dialogue choices, placing their readings of the sisters in academic context and firmly within the trajectory of Shakespeare scholarship in their class.

Both Dr. Macfie and her students enjoyed seeing how their peers dressed and displayed the sisters differently:


weird sisters small 1

weird sisters small 2




weird sisters small 2

Dr. Pamela Macfie is the Samuel R. Williamson Distinguished Professor of English at the University of the South. She recently published on the weird sisters, and more information can be found here.