Prof. Engel's Class Performs 'Tis Pity' to Great Acclaim

Tis Pity - Knife Threaten 1

On Tuesday, April 23, Prof. Engel's ENGL 353 class (English Drama to 1642) was charged with preparing dialogue, costuming, and performing scenes from the canonical John Ford play 'Tis Pity She's a Whore'. John Ford, a contemporary of Shakespeare, first published the work in 1633, and critical reception of the work since then has waxed and waned. Since the mid-twentieth century the play has seen renewed interest in the literary field and canon.‌ 

 Tis Pity - Waiting in the Wings 2

Students in Prof. Engel's class were split into five groups based on the five acts in the play, and were charged with summarizing each act into a single 10 minute performance. 

As part of this assignment, students had to accurately summarize the major thematic and plot elements in their assigned act, choose and execute appropriate costuming, and even handle a contemporaneous problem in 17th century theatrical performance: "doubling" actors to play multiple roles in different scenes.

Tis pity - exasperated 2


All college students, faculty, and staff were invited to watch the lively performances of this controversial play, and were treated to an after-class discussion of elements to include in "criqitue papers", which the students have to write on their peers' performances.

Tis Pity - Heart be gone resize  Tis Pity - Longing Look 1  Tis Pity - Funny Face 1   


Tis Pity - engaged engel 2


Bill Engel is the Nick B. Williams Professor of English at the University of the South. More on Dr. Engel's life and work can be found here.