Prof. Engel to present at the Newberry Library on Memory Arts

Memory Arts

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016, Sewanee's Prof. Bill Engel will present a talk entitled "The Memory Arts in Renaissance England" at the world-renowned Newberry Library in Chicago, IL.

This colloquium presentation is an illustrated synopsis of Grant Williams and Bill Engel’s research for a critical anthology of the memory arts in Renaissance England that draws together excerpts from more than seventy writers–poets, playwrights, satirists, physicians, philosophers, historians, humanists, heralds, antiquarians, educators, and preachers–and over twenty-four illustrations. Their anthology is a succinct, illustrated, guided exploration of memory and forgetting at the time of Shakespeare that will be especially of interest to students and scholars of memory studies, the literature of the Renaissance and Reformation, the history of ideas, cultural studies, history of the book, and early modern visual culture.

More information on the upcoming talk can be found here.