John Irving reviews Prof. Kevin Wilson's new novel: "Perfect Little World"

perfect little world - irving review

John Irving, acclaimed novelist and screenwriter, unpacks the complexities and pitfalls of chasing perfection in Sewanee Professor Kevin Wilson's newest novel, Perfect Little World.

In his latest New York Times review Irving provides a brief opening synopsis and introduction to the characters as well as a compelling reasons to move forward in the novel:

"I said I should stop, but I’ve told you too much. It’s a novel you keep reading for old-fashioned reasons — because it’s a good story, and you need to know what happens. But you also keep reading because you want to know what a good family is. Everyone wants to know that." 

Irving's complete review can be read on the New York Times website here

Kevin Wilson is an Assistant Professor in the English Department and coordinates the Certificate in Creative Writing program. He is also the author of the story collection Tunneling to the Center of the Earth (Ecco/Harper Perennial, 2009) and another novel, The Family Fang (Ecco, 2011). More information on Wilson's work is available on his website.