Gwendolyn Whitfield named Assistant Dean for Business Education

gwendolyn whitfield

Gwendolyn Whitfield has joined the University as associate professor of business in the Economics Department, and as assistant dean for business education. Whitfield will take responsibility for the business minor and she will lead the process of developing the business curriculum at Sewanee.

Whitfield has been associate professor of management at UNC-Asheville since 2014. She previously taught at Pepperdine University. Her background is a combination of interdisciplinary academic training in management, economics, and sociology, and international industry experience. She has contributed to the fields of strategic entrepreneurship, diversity, and supply chain management; her scholarship has been published in the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Information Systems, and Journal for Diversity Management.

Her past professional roles include vice president of organizational development for a Fortune 100 technology distributor, and director of human resources for a global financial services company. Whitfield earned a B.A. in economics from Howard University, an M.B.A. from Wayne State University, and a Ph.D. in organizational sociology from Western Michigan University.