Assistant Professor Jessica Wohl "Love Thy Neighbor" exhibition

Jessica Wohl, "Stars and Bars"
Jessica Wohl, "Stars and Bars," 2016

Jessica Wohl’s Love Thy Neighbor will be on exhibit in the University Art Gallery from Oct. 28, 2016 to Jan. 27, 2017. The exhibition grapples with the fear, intolerance, and polarization the artist sees dividing communities and cities across the country, and answers those divisions with objects that evoke empathy and comfort. The patterns of Wohl’s quilts invoke the fences, gates, and security bars that divide us, both from one another and from that to which we aspire. Quilts bring together disparate pieces, and so the medium in which these objects are rendered responds to that division. The quilts in the exhibition are stitched together from fabric found or purchased from thrift stores and yard sales across the country. For Wohl, the fabric pieces “are hand-me-downs, throwaways, stained, smelly, loved, discarded and Someone Else’s. They are Others that become one.” Wohl will speak about her work at 4:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11,  in Convocation Hall. On Nov. 12 from 4 to 7 p.m., Love Thy Neighbor will be part of the 6th annual Campus Gallery Walk at the University of the South, with live performances inspired by the exhibition in the gallery.

Jessica Wohl is assistant professor of art, teaching drawing, painting and seminar courses. She received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, and an MFA from the University of Georgia. Her work has been exhibited in nationally and internationally and is collected by the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sprint-Nextel Corporation, H&R Block World Headquarters, and numerous private collectors.