Office of Global Citizenship

Some Student Organizations Which Foster Intercultural Learning

The African and Caribbean Student Association (ACASA) promotes awareness and understanding about the diverse African and Caribbean cultures throughout the University of the South and to the greater Sewanee Community through educational and social events. 

The focus of the Asian Sensation is to enlighten the Sewanee community about the issues that exist for both Asian Americans and international students on campus and in the world. ln addition, AS endeavors to build unity within the group as a way to develop a safe community where leadership can be cultivated. The organization strives to be as inclusive as possible by collaborating with other existing groups like HOLAOCCU, AAA, etc. Asian Sensation hopes to achieve multiple perspectives across many issues, whereby members of the organization can teach and learn from each other. Most of all, the organization hopes that its members will have a lasting, enjoyable experience during their time at Sewanee.

The mission of the Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness (H.O.L.A.) is to celebrate the heritage of the Hispanic culture. By organizing different activities, HOLA exposes the Sewanee community to events that enrich the intellectual and social arena of the student body. In addition, the organization's goal is to start a dialogue that discusses different life experiences that positively and negatively affect the Latino/Latina community in the United States.

The purpose of JapanAddicts is to gather and use “out of the classroom” resources to foster a greater understanding of Japanese culture and society. While the club is open to all members of the university community, there is a special focus on relating club activities to the Japanese language classes with the intent of giving Japanese language students a cultural understanding of Japan beyond what can be conveyed in a classroom setting.

Model UN strives to increase the awareness of the student body concerning current global issues and prepares its active members to represent the University at regional and national MUN conventions.

The purpose of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) is to increase awareness about Islam in the community, hold seminars and lectures about Islam, and have session prayers, including Juamu (Friday prayer).‌

The Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding (OCCU) encourages all students to recognize, appreciate, and understand ethnic diversities on campus through social and educational activities. It also provides a forum for all students to share their cultural heritage. OCCU presents the interaction of these diverse cultures as a positive component of the liberal arts experience.  The OCCU has a Facebook page here.

The Sewanee Peace Coalition is a student and community group that promotes peace as well as social justice-- a necessary condition for peace. The Sewanee Peace Coalition uses education and advocacy to support causes such as the movement to abolish the death penalty, movements against fossil fuel extraction, and solidarity with victims of violence in Latin America.

The Russian Club hosts cultural events, such as Maslenitsa and Paskha, delicious dinners, movie nights, and discussions related to Russia and other Slavic countries. A knowledge of the Russian language is not required to be a member.

The Sewanee Cricket Club brings students, faculty and staff together to teach the game to those who do not know how to play and provide an outlet for those who do.  Most of the students who get involved are international students, although there are American students  who have a curiosity about learning the game. Faculty who grew up playing the sport in countries like Australia, India, and Great Britain love teaching the game to new members. The sport has enjoyed an increase in popularity in the U.S., especially in metropolitan areas where there is an international population.

Sewanee STAND  is committed to social justice advocacy, awareness, and fundraising. In particular, the focus is on disarmament of the LRA and other rebel groups in Uganda, the DR Congo, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, as well as the Darfur genocide and other acts that violate human rights.  Sewanee STAND has partnered with the national organizations Invisible Children, Save Darfur, Falling Whistles, and eXile International.