Office of Global Citizenship

Research Abroad

‌‌Students have several channels through which they can pursue their research interests in other countries. 

With a Sewanee faculty member.  Students may find themselves engaged in research with faculty in a location other than the United States and, of course, need to be mindful (as do the faculty) of issues of risk, safety, and security.  They should check the U. S. Department of State Warnings and also confirm with the Office of the Treasurer the nature of any relevant insurance coverage, particularly to determine is supplementary insurance should be obtained. 

‌On a study abroad program. 
In addition, many study abroad programs provide research opportunities.  Particularly well-known for this is the School for International Training (SIT).  Almost all of their programs require an ISP or Independent Study Project with a major paper due at the conclusion of the program.

Independently.  Sewanee students who are rising juniors or seniors, have social science majors, and wish to conduct independent research abroad, outside of the auspices of a specific existing program, should learn more about the Biehl International Research Fellowship.

Note the important application deadline in any given year (around the start of March but specified exactly on the website).

Domestic research opportunities. 
Students may seek funding from a number of resources on campus to pursue research with faculty. The Office for Career and Leadership Development coordinates the administration of many of these research opportunities and publicizes application information.

Celebrating research at Sewanee. Any student doing academically-based research in the U.S. or abroad should know that Sewanee has an Office for Research with different opportunities for participation, including Scholarship Sewanee. At Scholarship Sewanee, students have the opportunity through poster sessions, public presentations, and other media to demonstrate their research work to the community. Typically, faculty cancel classes on the date so that faculty and students are free to celebrate the accomplishments of student researchers. For more information, click here