Office of Global Citizenship

Consortia & International Matters

     Given the different ways in which consortia are viewed and what they are thought to mean, it is hard to know exactly which connections of The University of the South should be given the title of “consortium”.  The school is listed as a formal consortial member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS).  Sewanee is also considered a formal affiliate of the IES Abroad and listed with other member schools in what most would view as a consortial arrangement. The school also has close ties with most of the overarching programs listed on the approved programs list.

       Three additional consortia may be seen as having special potential significance in terms of matters international.  The Associated Colleges of the South work together on many different projects, their study abroad directors meet annually (with Sewanee scheduled to host that meeting in 2016, and come of the institutional programs are open for participation by students of other ones of these institutions. These 16 institutions are Birmingham-Southern College, Centenary College, Centre, Davidson College, Furman University, Hendrix College, Millsaps College, Morehouse College, Rhodes College, the University of Richmond, Rollins College, The University of the South (Sewanee), Spelman College, Southwestern University, Trinity University, and Washington and Lee University.  More information about ACS international programs can be found here.

   Sewanee also belongs to the Appalachian College Association. This group of 35 colleges and universities has dealt with many international matters.  They held a very significant International Summit a few years and nowadays supply support for some international travel to conferences for faculty of their member institutions.  They also maintain ties between the organization and the Salzburg Seminar.

     The Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC) is by its very nature an international group since it is, in fact, a world-wide network of Anglican colleges and universities which exists for the mutual flourishing of its members (i.e., more than 131 colleges and universities on 6 continents). Through the years various arrangement have been made within this group—e.g.,  in the more-than-thirty-year exchange agreement with Rikkyo University in Tokyo; in the shared teaching of computer by faculty at Sewanee and faculty in India; through use of Bard study abroad programs; and through the simultaneous teaching of  “Images of Jesus” at Sewanee at several HBC’s in the United States which are members of CUAC. 

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