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‌Although we have not made an intentional effort at this stage to unify our international alumni, a quick review of primary residences indicates that Sewanee graduates are living in over 40 different countries in 2015.  The listing below does not reflect temporary assignments or many different business and life connections.  It should, however, give a general idea of the diaspora of Sewanee graduates to various parts of the world.  The list currently includes Australia, the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. 



 In Gloucestershire, England, John Henry is Managing Director for Sustainable Direction, Ltd. He also teaches at the highly prestigious University of Bristol.  He lived in NY when a Sewanee student.  

For more, see Big interview: Dr John Henry Looney of Gloucestershire-based business efficiency experts Sustainable Direction.





At the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, Nancy is Professor of Science Communication in the Otago’s Centre for Science Communication.  Described as “an internationally leading science communicator”, she moved to New Zealand from the University of Western Australia in Perth where she led the science communication teaching and research program from 2002 and 2014.  Nancy came to Sewanee from Placquemine, Louisiana.  For more information visit "Leading overseas academics joins Otago's Science Communication Centre" & "Nightly Interview: Professor Nancy Longnecker.




In Beijing, China, Ning Tang began CreditEase, “China’s first and now the biggest peer-to-peer microcredit platform”.  Ning was originally from Beijing.  For more information, see: Sewanee Economics Alumni, Another U.S. delegation from the University of the South, CEO Ning Tang’s alma mater, visit CreditEase, & CreditEase CEO Ning Tang Introduces Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury (Video)

 Ning has been quoted about his experiences at Sewanee:  “No one monitored the students when they took exams, and no one cheated. It was the first time in my life I was exposed to the concept of microfinance and I gained an understanding for the value of credit."

 “This special model brings the value of credit to both borrowers and lenders, so it is much better and more sustainable than simple charity,” Ning Tang said. “CreditEase aims to find the balance between commercial value and social value.”






Originally from Tupelo, Mississippi,
but now living in Florence, Italy, Mary is associate editor for The Florentine.  
For more information, click here

Following is a message from Mary herself:

After a fall semester in Florence sealed my post-Sewanee fate, I graduated and boarded a one-way flight to Rome. Despite singlehandedly debunking the 'Dolce Vita' myth through my various odd jobs and misadventures, I couldn't resist Italy's pull and decided to stick around. Having found my footing back in Florence, I now serve as the Events & Associate Editor of English language news and lifestyle magazine The Florentine. At TF, a monthly free press and ‌Florence’s longest-running publication in English, I curate an extensive calendar of events, exhibitions, cultural festivals and more, selecting highlights and publishing weekly “Best of Florence” articles, along with themed pieces according to the season and audience. At The Florentine, we have a far-flung network of local and global writers and collaborators, but our in-office team is quite small, yet 100% international. I am the only American in a dynamic, endlessly energetic multicultural team, a group that was co-founded–and still managed by–wildly charismatic, internationally minded Italians. Being in a bilingual office is incredibly stimulating, though I’ve now found that our constant fusing of Italian and English has started to reduce my fluency in both!

‌Along with covering top events in town and throughout Tuscany, I have frequently written pieces on the arts, profiled countless locals and transplants, and made my own attempts at humorous cultural commentary. I oversee most of the daily content on all of The Florentine’s social media platforms, help develop media partnerships, and, like all of my colleagues, frequently serve as a sort of “brand ambassador” for The Florentine about town. Another rewarding side of my job is co-organizing quite a wide range of community and reader events. Our readers are a funny group that runs the gamut from retired British expatriates to teenage Italians to Australian backpackers. It’s truly a privilege to help build community among such a variety of people from all over the world. We have hosted everything from a tour through a Moorish-inspired Tuscan castle to TF Karaoke Night, which was one of my personal favorites (I think Sewanee and perhaps Mi Casa might have had something to do with that).

Apart from writing, editing and community building, our work at The Florentine includes extensive Italian–English translation for a range of clients. Some of the most notable translation work I have done was for the third UNESCO World Forum, held in Florence in November 2014. At The Florentine, I have been fortunate to take part in many exciting projects and external collaborations. In November 2014, our team ran the press office and publicity for #CrazyforPazzi, Opera di Santa Croce’s historic fundraising campaign to restore the loggia of the Pazzi Chapel. It was the first Kickstarter campaign launched by a cultural institution in Florence and raised $102,426 for Filippo Brunelleschi’s Renaissance masterpiece. Many treasured friends and former professors from Sewanee contributed.

‌Beyond The Florentine, I am co-authoring a guidebook, managed all content for the Florence launch of travel app Like a Local, and have provided client services and consulting for international tour operator Context Travel. No matter what happens down the line, I hope to continue merging my interests in writing/social media/marketing and PR, art and aesthetics, and travel. I am super indebted to Sewanee for all of this. My professors and friends constantly challenged and inspired me, and after leaving the mountain after such a full four years, I knew that I would never be satisfied by anything that was just “easy.” I wanted to find work, communities and close friends that demanded a lot of me and brought out my best self. Surrounded by so many incredible people and ideas at Sewanee, I learned how to approach life with a healthy mix of heart and “chutzpah.” That has served me well not only in my work and personal life, but also in the daily ups and downs of living life in a foreign country and navigating Italy’s boundless, bordering-on-comical bureaucracy.

Sewanee is also very supportive of students who want to study abroad, and I’m personally grateful for that because it was my Advent 2010 semester abroad that set my post-grad life in motion. I was surprised to learn that many seemingly similar colleges and universities really complicate study abroad, setting policies that can make it academically or financially impossible for some. When comparing experiences with friends and family who went to other schools, I found that offering portability of scholarships and financial aid and accepting credits from a range of programs is not as common as you might expect!